Welcome to God Bless The Troops

We are a local Chicago area organization whose primary outreach is to our military heroes and their families, in recognition of their bravery, service and sacrifice for our country.  It is our mission to provide a complimentary personalized America's Valor print to as many families possible around the country who have lost loved ones in the fight for freedom. See example below.

Personalized America's Valor

It is our continued mission to pay tribute to our heroes in recognition of the sacrifices they have made, and continue to make. We salute all of those family members who have loved ones committed to defending our Nation, for those who are caring for our wounded and for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  

God Bless The Troops is self-funded and all proceeds from internet, in-person orders and fundraisers returns directly to the production and shipping costs for our mission, as well as to support other organizations that serve our military men and women, and families.  

We have found that there's no greater honor than to show our support and appreciation to all of our soldiers and their families. We're thankful for the generous support of Americans who believe in our mission.   That is why we began our non-profit organization Honor America's Valor NFP.

 Revelation 21:4 


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