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God Bless The Troops Honors West Webster New York Firefighters

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07/18/2013 07:40 PM

West Webster NY Fire DepartmentSome tragedies we simply cannot make sense of.  December 24, 2012 was a day that should've been filled with preparations for Holiday celebrations with family and friends. Instead, as the news reports described, first responders were called to a house fire where a crazed gunman was in waiting.

Sadly, this resulted in the deaths of Police Lt. and Volunteer Firefighter Michael Chiapperini, and Firefighter Tomascz M. Kaczowka. Also injured were Firefighters Ted Scardino and Joseph Hofstetter.  These brave men were arriving on the scene to lay down their lives for others, and unfortunately for two of them, the last bell toll. 

 Michael Chiaparelli, Webster NY Police & Fire  Fallen Hero Tomasz Kaczowka | Firefighter | West Webster NY FD  Joseph Hofstetter | Firefighter | West Webster NY  Theodore Scardino | Firefighter | West Webster NY FD |
 Fallen Hero
Michael Chiaparelli
Webster NY Police & Fire

 Fallen Hero 
Tomasz Kaczowka
| West Webster NYFD |

 Joseph Hofstetter
| West Webster NYFD |
Theodore Scardino
| West Webster NYFD | 


God Bless The Troops wanted to acknowledge these brave men—who possess true character, bravery, courage, and the mentality to run into a dangerous situation; when others—with self-preservation in mind—are running out.

On July 9th, Founders Mark & Amy Titre travelled to West Webster New York, and at the Fire Station, before a crowd of nearly fifty they presented a personalized America's Valor to now recovered Scardino and Hofstetter, and to the families of  Chiapperini, and Kaczowka.

Our mission is personal, and having the opportunity to reach out to these First Responders, their families and the brothers & sisters in the Fire & Police Department was a great privilege. It was through donations and product sales that this was made possible.

We wish to acknowledge the following for their generosity in helping to fund this outreach: Mr. Tom Hevey of Westminster MD, Steve and Candace Roat of Canandaigua NY, St. Pats Grad School, Class of 1954, Joliet IL,  Kathy Yarbrough of Peoria IL, and Maxine Titre, in memory of Peter J. Titre, Arlington Heights, IL.   



article by Rhonda McGuire 

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